Fit and efficient work in home office

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The sofa outfit is wonderfully comfortable in the home office. But what about discipline? That is already the most frequently mentioned problem when working in the home office. Adequate clothing has a purpose and influences the working posture. Therefore, at least street-suitable clothing should also be worn in the home office. This also leads directly to the next point, because if you are well dressed, you don't shy away from a telephone conference with a picture. The webcam can be switched on while the pyjamas in the next room are waiting for the end of the day. A further advantage of video instead of telephone conferences is the possibility to see the gestures and facial expressions of the other party. These communicate information on a non-verbal level and thus contribute to better understanding. Just like in the "real" office, some movement should be inserted from time to time in the home office to stimulate the blood circulation and possibly prevent tension. Another tip against tensions: Use a headset! Pinching the telephone receiver between your ear and shoulder or holding the receiver for hours is not beneficial. Telephone and video conferencing require a lot of concentration from all participants. The more distracting sources there are, the more difficult it is to stay focused on topic. Therefore, it is good manners to avoid disturbing noises as much as possible. The easiest way to do this is to switch off your microphone when you are not speaking. Whether chatting, e-mailing or telephoning or video conferencing, it is essential to keep in touch with colleagues. A short conversation with a cup of coffee is often much more inspiring than the lonely brooding! This also applies to the home office, of course...

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